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Dinner Menu



warm rolls, salted butter 4

olives and almonds 6

rotating charcuterie, croustade 14

steak tartare, sunchoke salad, greens, baguette 12

mussels, saffron fumé, pernod, croustade 13

crab cakes, arugula, creme dijon 11

soup du jour | bowl 6



arugula, smoked trout, chevre, shallot, marinated cherry tomato, duck fat vinaigrette 11

chicken salad, dijonaise, tarragon, arugula 10

gem lettuce, scallions, sunflower seeds, crème fraiche vinaigrette 9



shepherd’s way sogn, date marmalade 10

big woods blue, plum mostarda 10

four fat fowl brie, fig jam 10

le grand fromage 25


three for 9, six for 16, ten for 25

horseradish cream, pickled beets | three for 10

absinthe, chives, bread crumbs | three for 10



vegetarian cassoulet, squash, mushroom, tomato, vegan sausage, garbanzo bean, tahini, hazelnut, pickled onion, herbs 16

grilled NY strip, potatoes, macerated pepper and onion,
demi glace 28

grilled trout, spinach salad, cured egg yolk, brown butter 19

parisian gnocchi, broccolini, onion, roasted red pepper cream 16

wild boar bourguignon, potato, carrot 17

roasted chicken thighs, mushrooms, mushroom jus 18

smoked lamb shank, barley, holy trinity, cajun cream 22


seasonal SIDES

grilled carrots, creme fraiche, herbs 7

potatoes, blue cheese bechamel, scallion 6

forest mushrooms, roasted shallot beurre blanc 7

broccolini, garlic and caramelized lemon aioli 7



chocolate crepe, cherry syrup, hazelnut, whipped cream 8

lavender pot de creme, lemon sugar, pistachio 8

cranberry tart, candied orange, cranberry syrup, whipped cream 8