Bar Brigade Saint Paul, Minnesota French Restaurant Wild Boar Bouguignon
Bar Brigade Saint Paul, Minnesota French Restaurant Seafood

Dinner Menu



warm rolls, salted butter 4

olives and almonds 6

rotating charcuterie, croustade 14

steak tartare, sunchoke salad, greens, baguette 12

mussels, saffron fumé, pernod, croustade 13

crab cakes, pea shoot aioli, greens 13

scallop crudo tartine, fresh sliced apple and cucumber, smoked
red onion puree 14

soup du jour | bowl 6



arugula, smoked trout, chevre, shallot, marinated cherry tomato, duck fat vinaigrette 11

chicken salad, dijonaise, tarragon, arugula 10

gem lettuce, scallions, sunflower seeds, crème fraiche vinaigrette 9



shepherd’s way friesago, apple, honey 8

big woods blue, plum mostarda 8

st. stephan’s four fat fowl brie, grilled grapes, almonds 8

le grand fromage 20


three for 9, six for 16, ten for 25



parisian gnocchi, cucumber salad, creme fraiche 15

steelhead trout, succotash, red pepper coulis 19

14 oz grassfed ribeye, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, spring greensauce 38

berkshire pork chop, fried zucchini, sweet corn puree, grilled scallion 20

wild boar bourguignon, potato, carrot 17

grilled chicken thigh and leg, polenta cake, green beans, cajun remoulade 18

lobster claw crepe, potato, mirepoix, black truffle, beurre blanc 22


seasonal SIDES

cauliflower, arugula pistou, bread crumb, pickled peppers 7

grilled carrots, lime creme fraiche, herbs 7

chilled potato salad, citrus micro greens 6

green beans, garlic butter, chopped walnut 6



chocolate and raspberry crepe cake, whipped cream 8

lavender pot de creme, pistachio, lemon sugar 8

fresh melon, pineau des charentes, whipped cream 8